Watch television vodcasts from over 25 channels from many countries. The big iPhone hit now available on Android.

Not live TV, channels can vary and WiFi mostly needed
One time payment only!

Version history:

Nov 29 2010:


Now with large screen support, so the video's play full sized on your Android Tablets (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab). Smaller screens also supported better.


Nov 18 2010:


Added  ABC, CBC, PBS, BBC, Slate V, Digg, M for Music, VH1, RAI, HBO, Best of YouTube, ABC Australia, MVS, SVT1, ARD, RTL Deutschland & ATV!


June 8 2010:

Added ESPN, ITV, Russia Today, America Noticias, Make

Removed: VH1, SAT1 because their feeds weren't updated any more.


May 3 2010:

Removed NBC channel


Feb 4 2010:

Removed Sesame Streat and Movie Trailers. They wouldn't play anymore. We're looking for some new feeds!


Jan 28 2010:

Removed the Nickelodeon channel because it wasn't updated any more.


Okt 28 2009:

Added AP, Discovery, TED talks, Sesame Street, Onion News Network, Sky News. Removed Fox, HBO, Make, M for Music BBC because they wouldn't play (anymore).


Jun 24 2009:

Fox News Added. Discovery and Onion News Network removed because they wouldn't play (anymore). No more unneeded buffering!


May 29 2009:

Nickelodeon channel added: Nick Podcasts (behind the scenes)


May 21 2009:

Onion News Network added and Cupcake 1.5 issues: Some channels don't play on 1.5 but do on 1.0 and 1.1 and vv. Working on it!


May 19 2009:

Version 1.5.1. Cupcake 1.5 update to avoid crashes. Also works on 1.1 and 1.0

Television Screenshots

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