Valentine RADIO


Most romantic radio stations on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Suprise your Valentine with these romantic radio stations on your Valentine date. We made a selection of over 40 radio stations you and your loved one will surely like!

Version history:

Version 8.4: Feb 2015

* Valentine's day 2015 update!

* Added a lot of romantic radio stations 

* Design for iPhone 6/6plus added

* Added Notifications, to alert you of the newest radio stations.


Version 4.2: Jan 2011 (under review with Apple)

* Now also for iPad

* Background playing

* Cool new design

* All channels checked and updated



Version 2.0: Dec 21, 2009. Renamed it to 'Valentine RADIO' again (was Romantic RADIO). Now over 20 channels.iPhone OS 3.0 ready!


Version 1.0: Jan 2009. first release in App Store

Valentine RADIO Screenshots

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